The Day I Spotted A Business Boss

Blacklist Marketing The Day I Spotted A Business Boss

How would you know if you’ve met the next Indra Nooyi, Mark Cuban or Richard Branson? I’m sure individuals who previously interacted with these business giants in the past never got a chance to remember these encounters. And how could they? I would of totally bypassed them as well if they weren’t who they were now.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business school, is that not all business people are go getters and not all go getters are entrepreneurs. I like to think that it all comes down to someone’s drive and journey of standing out, no matter how great of scale they compare to other’s successes. But those special ones, the entrepreneurs who just have that BOSS factor, sometimes, they can simply derive from a small corner table of a coffee shop in the outskirts of Los Angeles. And by outskirts, I mean the San Fernando Valley.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me just explain. I have always been a curious Carrie. It’s in my nature and I’ve never been able to shake it off. So, when I observed this young lady who was sitting next to my table with what looked like a foot tall of stacked papers, I had a sudden urge to turn to her seat and ask her, “So, what is that you do?” Enter, Erica Lynn Frey, founder of Blacklist Marketing.

That’s pretty amazing you’re launching a digital marketing company. How’s that process been like? Where do you see your vision for the company heading?

I have invested so much of my time in the development of Blacklist Marketing. Like any business, there has been a lot of ups and downs to get to a place of feeling ready/content to finally launch my company. There has been pauses are hardships through my journey of building my company, but that’s only made me stronger as a business owner and knowing the direction of where I want to lead my company. From the beginning, I always saw Blacklist as a company that not only offers exceptional services, but also offer my clients the best growth for their brand, all while staying on top of new changes and trends. That is also why I am keen on keeping up with blogs to my site to share information that is easily accessible for my clients. In the end, my clients become like a family to me and I always make sure they are happy with everything I can offer them and love to see their brand grow.Their growth is my growth.

I think everyone has the capability to separate themselves from the pack by using their own staple to be successful in all industries, even our own President, god bless his soul. So how would you describe your worth ethic? What gets your creative juices flowing?

I would say in a few words that my worth ethic boils down to these simple fundamentals: Professionalism, respectfulness, dedication and determination. What gets my creative side flowing is having the opportunity to go through obstacles and being able to solve the issues head on. I love a challenge and I will do whatever it takes to get to my goal.

If you could give someone advice for running their own business, what would you tell them?

I would tell them don’t let anyone tell you that your goals aren’t realistic and never give up. There will be a lot of hard long hours but in the end it’s worth every second.

Just curious (shocker, I know), why Blacklist Marketing? Where did the name come from?

My friend and I were trying to think of names for the company one night and we wanted a name to stand out to represent what we do that we will be able to have fun with the branding. We thought Blacklist sounded like a mafia marketing company and later it became a perfect name for clients. “Lets blacklist your competition”.

So you mentioned blogging earlier.  I don’t know if I’ve seen that in a lot of agency websites before. What’s the purpose for having a blog in the first place?

Well isn’t having a blog the “in” thing to do now a days? No, but really the goal for my company’s blog is to incorporate all the the newest updates from all aspects of  marketing, from digital marketing (google news) technology to VR/AR, events to entertainment and more. I want to be able to set a reputation that we not only can fulfill my client’s marketing needs, but we also know what we’re talking about.

Having explored in blogging myself in the past, I was more than honored when Erica asked me be her first blog post for her website, using our first interaction as inspiration to what I was going to write about. The more and more I spoke with her at the coffee shop, I saw that passion I’ve seen in many other entrepreneurs. Yes, hardwork and dedication is what drives all successful businesses, but let me tell you, the cliche in this case is real. It’s the the people, like Erica, who drive it that makes a difference. This my friends, was a day I met a true BOSS.

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